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    Question Swap HDDs from Macbook (Blackbook) to Macbook Pro
    I currently am using a Macbook (Black edition) and have just bought a new Macbook Pro, 13 in with a 150gb HDD. I upgraded my current HDD to 320gb in my Blackbook and am wondering if I can take out both HDDs, swap them, and boot up the new Macbook Pro with my current OS, Applications, User info, etc. I'm hoping it will be simple... just remove both HDDs, swap them into the other computer and boot up without any problems.

    I do have TimeMachine set up, and have recently backed everything up, so if it is impossible to just swap the HDDs w/o keeping the data I can always recover it that way. It would just be a lot easier and take less steps if I wouldn't need to do anything else other than simply swapping the HDDs themselves. I've already downloaded and looked over the Apple manuals for changing HDDs, physically doing so won't be a problem at all.

    Like I said, the reason I want to do this is because the new Macbook Pro is going to have a much smaller HDD and I want to keep and continue to use my upgraded 320gb HDD, for obvious reasons.

    Thanks a lot, any answers would be appreciated!

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    No worries at all. Switch away! I have done this 5 times over the past few months with no problems at all.
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    Right on! Thanks!

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