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    MBP Ram Cas speed of any use?

    Im upgrading to 8gb Ram in my MBP 2010.
    It uses so-dimm pc3-8500 (1066)
    There are different Cas speed modules Cas 7, 8, 9. Coming from pc i know the faster the Cas speed the faster the ram access, and that hi cas speed makes a big impact.
    Now i havent found any Cas speed ajustment settings in OSX so the mbp probably has default timings for the ram.

    So here's the question, will it be of any use to get a faster CAS timed module?
    Or will a default timing be applied and the extra Cas speed neglected,

    (Since i dont think the MBP will read out the cas speed and optimize the speed accordingly, and it cant? be adjusted manualy)

    Ps thanks for reading over the typo's

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    Don't concern yourself with CAS RAS as it won't make a difference anyway. Your machine is designed to give you the best response with the memory modules that are recommended. Spending more money on faster CAS RAS modules will only go to waste. Also, buy your memory from reputable resellers.

    Most knowledgeable folks recommend purchasing memory from either Crucial or OWC.

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    Thanks, thought so.

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