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soldestiny 08-30-2010 12:34 AM

Can I clone from 500 GB HD to 250 GB HD?

I'm getting a new macbook pro computer but did not have the money to add a 500 GB HD.

My current macbook HD is 500 GB.

I cloned it onto an external 500 GB HD.

When I receive my new computer in the mail (tomorrow) I want to move the data from my external 500 GB HD to the internal 250 GB HD.

Can I select what I'd like to move over rather then putting the whole clone on there, which I won't be able to fit?

I only made a carbon copy clone of the 500 GB HD. No time machine back-up... and now that (internal) 500 GB drive crashed. Clicking insanely loud. Tried the freezer method to try to get the latest data off of it... and also to make a time machine back-up, but it didn't work.

Thank you in advance!

Slydude 08-30-2010 01:54 AM

You should be able to. Probably the best way to do it would be through using the Migration Assistant (located in the Utilities folder). It lets you choose which things to move.

soldestiny 08-30-2010 02:00 AM

Thank You Slydude
Will migration assistant work just as if I was moving the whole clone onto my drive or am I going to need the program install CD's too?

Asking because I'm away from home and won't be back for another month :| I'll need my programs... CS4, FC... and know these programs can be somewhat irritable (lol) when moving from one place to another.

Thanks again! :)

ps - truly grateful for such a speedy reply! You're awesome!

Slydude 08-30-2010 02:09 AM

It has been a while since I did this but I think it transfers everything so that you don't have to re-install software as long as you transfer over your user folder. Perhaps someone who has done this a bit more recently than I can tell you which programs complain.

In my case I think the only one I had problems with was Photoshop 7. If I remember correctly ot made me re-enter the serial number.

soldestiny 08-30-2010 05:47 AM

Thanks again Slydude :)
I appreciate your reply and will let you know how the migration works.

I was given a few answers from Baltwo who told me it was possible AND to look here for how to do it:

Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions 19. How do I set up a new Mac from my old Mac or its backups? (via Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant)
Apple - Support - Discussions - Best Practices ...

The info there seems pretty thorough. I hope I don't goof as it seems the first time is where the best chance of survival / revival takes place.

If anyone has any further info / personal experience... feel free to add to this thread.

With gratitude,

soldestiny 09-01-2010 06:48 AM

It worked!!! Mostly :)
I had to get the computer past all the welcome stuff as all the other options to move files from a back up didn't work.

I selected something along the lines of, copy files at a later time...

And then once the system booted up I used migration assistant.

I didn't have any other options with carbon copy cloner... and I didn't have a time machine back-up so I was (sightly) outta luck.

CS4 loaded all it's programs, but FC asked for my serial # which I have back in Cali so I'll have to do without until I get back home :(

I'm happy enough though as I can live w/o FCP for a while... but not my adobe programs!!!

So again, thank you for your assistance :)

All the best,

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