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benno 08-29-2010 12:51 PM

Booting iBook G4 from firewire
Hello All,
I've put together an iBook G4 from some old spares I acquired a while ago. It will boot to the ? flashing folder (there is no h/d installed). I've attached an external h/d via firewire with an image of 10.5 leopard on which will boot fine on my fully working iBook but not this one. I've booted holding down the "option" key and get to the screen with the refresh icon and arrow icon but when the arrow icon is clicked it doesn't do anything. The dvd drive does not spin up at boot time hence the use of my external drive and not my install discs. I also do not have the h/d connector required to swap the drive from my working iBook (working uses the cable type and the "faster" parts iBook uses the block connector.
Do I need a h/d installed in the parts iBook to be able to boot from external ?

Chris H. 08-29-2010 03:21 PM

I believe you're supposed to hold down "C", not "Opt", but I could be wrong.

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