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    MacBook wont turn on?!

    I am getting really scared about this. Let me start from the beginning. I think I have a 5,1 MacBook(The unibody late '08 model) So my MacBook charger frayed at the part were MagSafe adapter is. I called Apple because the last time my charger stopped working(just died and wouldn't charge my MacBook anymore) and they replaced my new one for the exchange of the old broken one. I tried this again and they were trying to make me buy a new charger and battery and I did not. The Apple support rep said my battery will need to be replaced soon so I am holding of on that. So I bought a new charger that had a car adapter too off Amazon because I was going on vacation and that would be good for use in the car. So it had a MagSafe adapter that I could disconnect from the wall charger and attach it to the car charger. PUT PIC HERE. So the charger was charging it fine and everything worked. I closed my MacBook and put it into sleep mode with the charger unplugged and went to bed. The next morning I was using it on the battery and it told me that I needed to charge it so I plugged it in and used it and then I noticed it said (Not Charging) so I played around with it trying to get it to charge and it kept saying not charging so I booted into Windows 7 and it said I was plugged in but not charging. I noticed that it would go up about 1% every 15 minutes so I would let it sit and it charged very slowly. After a few days of doing this when I was on vacation it just wouldn't turn on. Troubleshooting a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro that won't turn on I tried EVERYTHING on this page and nothing. I noticed that my MagSafe had a red blinking light on it.

    Help please?

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    Sounds like a logic board problem. Take 'er in.
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