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    Aug 29, 2010
    15" ok for travelling?
    I need to buy a new laptop and I am going travelling next year. I may be doing a bit of walking around with more than just a computer in my bag...

    I will be using the laptop to edit videos in final cut pro, so I'm wanting to go with the 15".

    Its only half a kilo heavier and under two inches wider, but i just wanted to make sure people haven't found the 15" just too much for travelling?

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    Aug 29, 2010
    I read the 13" vs 15" thread! I am just wondering about peoples experinces of carrying the 15" around & whether its annoying!

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    If you're carrying it in a backpack, it's not a problem. For your uses screen real estate sounds like it will be very important, so any negative of having to carry a slightly larger computer would be offset by having the larger screen when you want to use it.

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    sweet! thats what i was hoping to hear. hah. thanks!

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    I wanted 17" but glad I settled for a 15" MBP. It's the perfect size for me to travel with.
    If I need a bigger screen, I'll just hook up an external monitor. Most hotels I stay at on business have flat screen TV's in the rooms to use with my MBP.
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    What helped me decide when I was buying a new one was to go down to the store and
    pick them up and look at the screens side by side then the 15 won out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainvalley View Post
    I read the 13" vs 15" thread! I am just wondering about peoples experinces of carrying the 15" around & whether its annoying!
    I think that it depends on just how much traveling & walking you're going to be doing for the next year.

    1. If you're talking about traveling & walking...when you're going from an airport to a rental car (or public transit)...and then to a school or workplace, and the farthest distance you're walking at any one time is say .25 to .50 of a mile...then a 15" would be fine.

    2. But if you were going to Europe...(traveling & walking)...where you're visiting lots of countries, staying at hostels, using a lot of public transit, and doing lots & lots of walking & hiking (miles & miles) with your backpack (computer inside)...then I personally would rather have a 13" Macbook...both for it's slightly lighter weight, and slightly smaller footprint.

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