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    New MBP Config Question
    Hello to all, I have been a longtime reader but never posted.

    I am in the market for a new MBP after my old one died and is out of AppleCare resulting in a $950 quote to get it repaired.

    My price cap is the MBP 13.3in with 2.66Ghz, 4GB and 320Gb 5400 drive, which with student discount comes out to 1399$.

    I actually went ahead and ordered this model, but thankfully my CC was rejected and now I am doubting my decision. I have read that the 2.66 is a ripoff vs the 2.4 model.

    So, now is where things get messy. I have done as much research as possible and here are what I believe are my options.

    A) Get the 1399 2.66 model.
    B)Get the 2.4model and use $$$ to buy 235$ 8GB memory upgrade from OWC + which HDD upgrade would you recommend? They also have trade-in program where I can send them my 4gb and 250gb base drive and get 75$. How will this memory bump and possibly faster HDD translate into speed vs the 2.66 model?
    C)Get the 2.4 model with the 128gb ssd and put old 160GB hDD from dead MBP in optibay. Does this setup consume more battery? Does it void the warranty?

    Amongst these various options, I am most interested in battery life and value. I like SSD because of their durability and speed characteristics, but nothing in the 300$ pricepoint has enough capacity to be useful to me. I use the computer for normal college activities, aka nothing intensive.

    I appreciate any help and/or comments.

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    I'd buy the memory from another vendor, not from Apple, their prices tend to be high. At least investigate it.

    That might give you some extra $$.

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    The difference is about 9%. Would be hardly noticeable I think.

    The answer to the other questions would all be based upon your usage of the computer. I think most all of us around here are in agreement in saying that unless you are working with intensive video or imaging (either very large or multiple edits simultaneously) or situations where you must have many programs running together, the jump from 4gb to 8gb is fairly unnecessary.

    As far as hard drive, that again could only be recommended if we knew more about your situation. It all depends on what you plan on storing on your laptop. My MBP currently has a 320gb, and that is plenty for me. The MBP is not my primary storage device. If it will be for you, I would say get the 500gb, but not from Apple. Never from Apple.

    Again, these are general recommendations based on my opinons and a lack of information. If you want to tell us what your plans are for the MBP, we could give you much clearer insight.
    15" 2.53ghz i5 MacBook Pro (2010) 8gb, 500gb HD - 60gb OWC SSD
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    Get the fastest CPU and best GPU you can afford. Forgot about the RAM and the HDD space. You can buy those things from third party vendors and install them yourself for a fraction of what Apple charges for these upgrades. Not to mention you can do these things without voiding your warranty.

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