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    Unexpected shutdown-hardware issue?

    This is the first posting i have ever made so please excuse any bad etiquette.
    Whilst watching TV shows on Front Row for a few hours my Macbook unexpectedly shut down. I was using batteries at the time and when booted back up the battery was at 0% so im not surprised it shutdown just that I didnt get any warning and it didnt seem to force the system to sleep. The MBP was quite hot could something else have gone wrong as well as being low on power or does front Row mask these sorts of messages as it completely covers the screen unlike other programs? If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. PS System log shows an improper shutdown is that what is reported if the MB runs out of battery, shouldn't it be a more controlled shutdown? Matt

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    When the battery drains, normally the computer just goes to sleep. A really deep sleep. If you were running anything CPU intensive, such as Front Row, it may've interfered with proper shutdown. Mac OS X alerts you when you go into reserve power (usually when there is about 10-20% life left). A full sleep shutdown just happens. No messages.
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    Thanks Chris - Im glad I havent had to change my favourable opinion of Macs since i switched from PC a few months ago.

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