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    Sleep light blinking at start up and Battery Not Charging - HELP!!
    Hi guys,

    I recently left my 13 inch Macbook (it's just over 2 years old) in Sleep mode for a few days. There was no power source connected so of course, the battery died.

    When I turned it on yesterday and plugged it into the MagSafe adapter, it shows as "Not Charging" and the MagSafe light is green. The battery is fully drained out and is at 0%. When I disconnect it, the MacBook shuts down and only works when plugged into the power source.

    Also, whenever it starts up now, the LED light at the front blinks about 5-6 times before the computer starts up!

    I'd really appreciate some help/advice as I'm not sure whether it's an issue with my battery, my MagSafe or some other hardware issue.


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    Take a look at this Apple KB article on resetting the System Management Controller. Specifically, try the hints they give with regard to the MagSafe and the battery.

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