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    macbook pro dead, disc stuck
    Hello, my macbook is dead after 5 good hard years, and rather than paying 11 for apple to fix it, I just got a new computer (yay). But... a disc for a game is stuck in the dead macbook, and I need that disc. I've read about people sticking things inside to get it out, but is that really the only way? Sometimes theres a pinhole that can be pushed to get the disc out, but I don't see that on mine, and if there was one I'm sure it would have been mentioned. so are my only options to stick something in or take it apart?

    No, buying the disc again isn't an option, yes, this is something important that I want.

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    5 years old? You're probably referring to an iBook not a MacBook. Anyway, if the machine is dead as you say, take it apart, remove the optical drive, and get the disk out that way. Take apart instructions here: iFixit: The free repair manual

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