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    Question upgrading my powerbook g4
    I just bought a g4 off a friend of mine. I was wondering which would be the best upgrade based off these specs: 1.5Ghz/80Gb hd/1Gb ram running 10.4.11
    I am trying to decide on a 320gb hd, upgrading to2 Gb ram, or upgrading to 10.5. What is the best order for this? Thanks

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    Since all three upgrades are possible, I would start with going to 2 GB of memory which is the max for that machine. Afterward, the hard drive. Upgrading to Leopard would be last on the list especially since it will cost you as much for the Leopard disks as a new hard drive.

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    what about videos?
    Thanks for the answers. But is it worth it? I notice I have a lot of problems with youtube videos so should I upgrade or save for a newer mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerdude View Post
    Thanks for the answers. But is it worth it? I notice I have a lot of problems with youtube videos so should I upgrade or save for a newer mac?
    The RAM I would worry about first. It'll help to speed the computer up by adding more RAM- which is stuck at 2 GB for you unfortunately. Later on, if you can afford it, get the hard drive and then shoot for saving up for a Leopard retail disc. In the end, it is a bit cheaper than buying a new Mac, but it's all up to you.
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    Interesting that Youtube is a problem, because the only difference between you Powerbook and mine is the HD size really (I have 1.25 RAM - not much more), and I have no issues with Youtube, but I am running Leopard.
    Have you checked that you have the most up to date version of Quicktime and Flash?

    Regarding the upgrade path, I'd personally only do the HD if you really need the space, and to be honest, given the hassle involved replacing it, I'd just get a portable external drive.
    The RAM would be useful if you intend to do a lot of film editing or music editing/recording.
    Leopard is expensive still, so unless Youtube is massively important to you (why!), then I don't think the $100 + is worth it either.
    The machine you have is perfectly valid as is in my opinion.
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