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    Best Possible Specs?
    Hi guys,

    I have run into quite a bit of money recently and I am wondering, what is the best processor, internal HDD, and operating system I could put on my 13 inch MacBook to make it run as fast as possible?

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    Can't change the CPU, Get the Biggest/Fastest SATA Drive you want. Snow Leopards the best bet for the 'Best'. But you have the option of dual/tri booting with Windows/Linux(Ubuntu,Fedora,Mint,Suse ect.)

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    If you have "quite" a bit of money, it might be time to buy a new machine. Like Simon said, you can't upgrade the CPU or the graphic card on a MB.

    Buy the stock version of the fastest processor and best graphics card that you can afford. Forget about adding more RAM or larger capacity HDDs. You can always buy these from third party vendors and install these yourself for a fraction of the price that Apple charges. These upgrades don't void the warranty.

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