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    to install OS in new hard disk using a black Macbook which i bought in 2007. i use a leopard OS and Windows Xp by using bootcamp. Now i want to upgrade using 320GB hard disk. Do i need to reinstall both OS in my new hard disk? or can i just clone it? is there any other way?

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    yes there is a way to just clone the drive ... have done it a couple of times but just can not remember the exact procedure I used...

    Start with new hard drive in an external usb enclosure .. (cheap off ebay, or frys or microcenter)

    Get SuperDuper... (has yet to let me down)

    use it to clone your mac partition

    boot to your new drive and I think you will have to set up the boot camp partition but don't let it reboot to install

    you will also need Winclone... to clone your XP partition.. or reinstall XP on the boot camp partition then use winclone from OS X to reimage the drive.

    there may be something I am missing due to the fact that I did not document the procedure like I should have... but was in a bind at the time..

    Good luck
    Ce's GeekBook PC guru wana Be turned Mac geek

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