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Thread: Dead Pixel

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    Dead Pixel
    Hi ,
    I wanted to know
    my new MPB 17" ( not event 1 week old ) have a dead pixel straight in the middle of the screen

    will apple accept to return it ?
    [ i mean , event if its just one , its still a 3000$ computer ...]
    what should i do ???

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    Being OCD myself I would definitely try. Before I dropped 3K on mine I spoke with a manager and told him I would be returning it even if there was only 1 bad or stuck pixel. He seemed to be OK with it, but of course I never needed to find out for sure since mine was (is) perfect. Can't hurt to try!

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    I agree with mdfuller. One dead pixel anywhere on the screen of a new machine is reason IMO to return it. So far, I haven't heard of anyone being refused by Apple provided the unit was brand new.

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