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    Power adapter LED color issues?

    so here's the issue. I've got a 2007 17" santa rosa mac. About one year and a half ago the original battery (637 cycles) died, and I bough a new one, which died last week with only 220 cycles. The apple service test showed bad battery not worn out battery, which means that if the battery would have been under warranty it should have been replaced for free.

    Now, the second battery is out of my laptop which runs on the power adapter . The battery has already swollen about 5 mm.

    My problem is that in the past 6 months the LED on the power adapter behaved strangely. While the battery was inside, charging, the LED would sometimes go dark. (no orange! nor green. But it should have been orange). Same scenario, but battery charged, the LED would sometimes go dark instead of staying green.

    Now, with the power adapter, same thing. Turned on the mac 2 hours ago, and about ten minutes the LED went dark from green.

    Does this mean there's something wrong with the power adapter or something, which may have killed the battery also?

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    I would take it in could be the power adapter or the internal power supply they can test

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