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    swapping hard drives between two macbooks
    Hi there,
    I just got a mid-2009 2.26 Ghz MB Pro and I have a quick technical question:
    My wife decided to take my old white MB (mid-2007 model I think), which sports a 320gb 7200rpm hd (a necessary upgrade when the original one died), which I wanted to put into my new MB Pro and put the hd I got with it (160gb 5400 rpm) into the old white MB (my wife doesn't care about space and speed that much).
    Both machines ran Snow Leopard, the latest version.
    Now, I swapped the hard drives and installed a clean copy of Snow Leopard on the old white MB (on the 160gb hd), and when I booted the 320gb drive in my new MB Pro I realized that I had all the settings as if the hd was in the old computer. Everything, the screensaver, the wallpaper, the safari settings, even my wireless settings that I had memorized into the old machine. I'm actually typing this message on the new MB Pro with the 320gb hd as if was in the old MB.
    So, my question is if I can simply keep the 320gb hard drive in this new machine and continue as if nothing changed (without reinstalling a clean copy of Snow Leopard on it)? Are there any possibilities that it might experience some technical issues, are there any dangers, any incompatibilities between the two systems, or anything like that?
    Thanks for your help. This is only my second mac and, even though I'm hooked, there's still much I have to learn.

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    If it's working you should be fine. I'd run software updater to be sure you have any patches/firmware updates in place but that's it really.

    If it 'aint broke etc...

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    No worries. I did a 3 way swap a few months ago, without new installs on any of them. They are all still functioning perfectly. (knock on wood)
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    Thanks a bunch! I'm relieved I don't have to bother with reinstalling and making sure everything's as it was...

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