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    Question Value of Semi-Damaged Macbook
    I need help setting the reserve of an eBay auction. Thanks in advance for reading.

    So, my mom dropped my MacBook 6 feet.
    It's the 2008 13 inch Unibody Macbook, but its newer version is now the MacBook Pro so I thought I'd post this here.

    Warranty is of course voided.

    Macs are great so the damage isn't as bad as I'm sure it'd be with other computers. The button right corner has a big dent. This causes the battery cover not to fit properly. Additionally, I must click very hard for the trackpad to work. Genius said $250 to fix the trackpad, $750 to fix the body.

    The thing is, I'm a student so I have a $100 discount plus I can get a free iPod touch right now. Rather than living with a problem computer for another 3 yearsish, I think I'd rather get the newest 13inch MacBook Pro basic model.

    So the question:
    • 2008 13inch Unibody MacBook 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB Memory
    • Front right corner (the corner to the right of the trackpad) is dented. I scraped away a little of the color from trying to bend it back
    • Battery cover goes on but there is a gap between the cover and the casing in the front.
    • Trackpad has to be pressed hard to click. it seems to be working okay. So occasionally has to be pressed hard.
    • Fully working computer (battery is great too) besides trackpad. No other hardware problems.

    How much is it worth on eBay?

    Thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by sr7 View Post
    How much is it worth on eBay?
    The easiest way to answer this is:

    - go to e-Bay
    - do a search for computers like your's (fully working)
    - bookmark/watch those auctions
    - see how the auction ends & what they sold for

    Then probably deduct at least a couple hundred bucks for the damage. But honestly...with the's really hard to guesstimate the value of your computer.

    If you go to:

    Mac2Sell says the value of your computer is $510. So take this value, the value you get from a couple finished e-Bay auctions...and then deduct at least $200-$250 to get a fair reserve price.

    You could also just "pick a number" for the reserve...and go from there. Then no "analysis paralysis"!

    Hope this helps,

    - Nick
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    Yeah there is no such thing as semi-damaged. It is either damaged or not and yours is damaged. I think pigoo3 is about right.
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