Hi all,

So this is my first time postin here in the mac forums and I really need your help! I accidentally spilled water on my laptop last week and thankfully nothin happened to my MacbookPro except that it looks like the letter before H key has been sacrificed. I hit the key a million times but the computer just isn't detectin that key anymore
I'm tryin to better understand my options...it sounds like if I want to et the whole keyboard replaced it will be really costly....like 200 dollars or up...which is ridiculous since I could buy a new laptop for that price. Some other friends mentioned keyboard remappin freeware...but I haven't been able to find anythin that works iwth my macbook pro...I have OS X 10.4 and it's a 2006 Macbook Pro.

Please help!! I don't know what to do about this!!

Thanks so much everyone!! I appreciate the help in advance!