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    Aug 18, 2010
    how to make my canon pixma mx340 work on my macbook pro?
    i'm getting kind of frustrated. i tried printing something from my MBP and nothing seems to be working. i installed the cd and everything and when i print something out from pages from iwork a canon mx340 series window shows up with what is currently printing and it says the printer is offline even when i got it plugged via usb and turned on. why isn't my MB detecting it? please help! and also how do you print wireless? that's the main reason why i bought the printer was that it said you can print "wirelessly" through your wifi. please help, college is starting soon again and i won't have time to do all of this so i have to get this done now. thanks in advance.

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    Aug 24, 2010
    how to make my canon pixma mx340 work on my macbook pro?
    did you try to download the proper driver from canon official website?

    this is a link from canon-europe:

    PIXMA MX340

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    Oct 17, 2010
    I fixed this problem on my MacBook Pro
    I had this problem for a MacBook Pro. Here are the steps that fixed it for me:

    1) Open Printer & Fax under Hardware in System Preferences (on the dock)

    2) Double click a printer and you will get the options 'Set default printer' and 'Restore printer system'. Choose 'Restore printer system'. Note: this will remove all printers from your printer list

    3) Click Add (+) to add a new printer. For me, the scanner appears immediately as Printer Name: Canon MX340 series, Kind: Bonjour Scanner, and the printer takes 10 seconds or so and appears with a lot of numbers after the name, Kind: canonijnetwork.

    4) Choose the printer. Change the name if you like. Select Add.

    5) The printer appeared in my list with the status 'Idle', as opposed to 'Offline', and I was able to send print jobs wirelessly immediately.

    Good luck!

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    Jan 06, 2011
    I fixed this problem on my MacBook Pro
    I can vouch: Eric's solution works!

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    Mar 02, 2011
    Thanks so much!
    I specifically registered for an account on this site to say THANKS to Eric for helping me figure out a longstanding problem between my computer and my printer. Thank you!

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    Thanks Eric - eased the pain on what I was expecting to be quite an irritating problem
    (I'd installed the drivers on 2 macbooks in exactly the same way at the same time - 1 was happy and printed straight away and the other one displayed jtran91's problem)

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    Nov 05, 2011
    Thank you!

    Like Mandy, I registered specifically to thank you. I had the exact same problem and thought I was losing my mind. I really needed the printer on short notice and was having a fit! Thanks again!

    Cathy Moeschet

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    Jan 19, 2012
    Sort of almost helped
    Thanks Eric. At least your post let me find "printers & faxes", although the system preferences were on the ribbon at top, not the dock at the bottom.
    But double clicking on the printer icon got me nowhere.

    It seemed that the printer had been set to "idle". Once I corrected that, I got it to print the first 1.5cm of and A4 photo, which is better than nothing, but not much.

    I would really like to know how to delete one or more printers, bearing in mind the double click bit doesn't work. There are 2 installations of my printer, which may be causing a problem.

    Anyone help?

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