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    What to do - service center broke MBA and refuses to fix
    I brought in a ~1.5 year old MBA (outside of warranty) into an authorized service center for replacement of the hinge. I originally was under the impression that I would be paying out of pocket for this, and needed the repair done in a timely manor, which is the reason I brought it to this service center and not an Apple location. I was told the issue was a known defect and that the hinge would be replaced free of charge. A left the computer overnight and had the computer was available for pickup the next day. I brought the laptop home, turned it on, and noticed there was no sound. While the computer would play the boot chime, it thought there was constantly a headphone plugged in, and would not play any sound using built in speaker (headphones did work).

    I brought the computer back and explained the issue to them. I explicitly asked the tech if there is anything I could have done to have caused this issue, to which he replied that it was "definitely entirely his fault." They replaced a few minor parts over the course of a week and a half (sound board, connectors, etc) but the problem persisted. After a lengthy wait (they had to talk to Apple tech) they said that I would be forced to send the computer into Apple and have them complete the work. The price would most likely run $300, of which I would be responsible for. They claimed that the issue was "most likely not caused" by them.

    Aside from taking them to court, what are my other options? I have done all the troubleshooting I can think of, including reinstalled the OS (both from original DVD and Snow Leopard disk), with no change in problem. I do use sound quite often, and not having it available to use is beginning to become a relatively major issue. Any help is appreciated.

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    You probably should pursue this further with the repair center you originally took it to. Be polite but firm and tell them that they should be responsible for the cost of repairs not you. Since they already admitted to the problem being their fault, they should assume the cost. You may have to take legal action against them. That's up to you. There's nothing more you can do as the problem is obviously one that needs professional service.


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