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    Macbook Pro - which configuration to get?
    My old G4 powerbook is pretty much kaput.. I need a new laptop and am interested in getting one of the new 15" models though I've a few configuration issues I'd like some advice on..

    Which hard drive should I go for? I was thinking of getting a 2.4 i5 model though the 5400 rpm drive seems a little backward.. which would be best from either a 7200 500 GB drive or 128 GB SSD drive? Speed is more important to me than storage, I dont do gaming but do use photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver a lot and like to watch a lot of video content via the net, vimeo, youtube etc.. I spend a lot of time working on a laptop daily so heat is an issue too guess..

    Would I just be better opting for the i7 with a 500 Gig 7200 drive? Epensive I know, but I need something that I can keep for a few years and that will be relatively future proof and do all that I ask of it..

    I also need to get an anti glare screen (the glass ones just don't cut it for me - nice as they are..) does anyone know if the anti-glare screens have the 1400x900 resolution available on them?

    Many thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer..

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    I like a lot of forum members usually buy the most my budget can afford as for the hard drive over the years the bigger the better and 7200 does offer a speed bump and SSD
    is still rather expensive while sacrificing volume.

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    Get the base model. Then buy whatever HDD and whatever amount of RAM you want from a third party vendor. Install them yourself for a fraction of the price Apple charges for these upgrades.

    The two things that you can't upgrade are the CPU and the Graphic Card, so buy accordingly.

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