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    Macbook Pro Unibody: stuck pixel + shadow
    I have a 15" Macbook Pro Unibody mid 2009 and there is a very discrete shadow in the center of the screen (approx. 0,5 cm). In the center of this shadow are 3-4 stuck red pixels (hot pixels). One of them is constant, the others appear occasionally (when I move the lid for example). If I knock in the lid or gently press the screen with a cloth, the constant stuck pixel disappears but reappears after restart. I used JscreenFix and a widget that rapidly changes color success. What causes this shadow and stuck pixels? They are not disturbing and I can live with that but could they progress in time and affect all the display? I can't use my Apple warranty as I work in a different country.

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    What causes hot pixels, dead pixels, stuck pixels, etc. are defects in the manufacture of the display panel. They usually do not get better or heal themselves but rather get worse over time. If you tried the various methods to repair them (which by the way rarely work) and the defect still remains, you should use your warranty.

    Apple's warranty is world wide. If there is an authorized Apple service center where you live or an Apple store, take it on in.


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