I recently acquired two laptops from a friend, one a G3 iBook and the other a 500mhz Titanium Powerbook G4 Mercury. He said they both had power supply issues, but that if I could get them to work there are a ton of music programs on there.

I got the G3 to work using my old G3 power cord, but disconnecting it, the whole computer shuts off. And whenever I power it back on, the date is set to 1961. I've changed it twice. Does it simply need a new battery? I haven't tried my G3's battery since I can't find it.

For the G4 I used the same G3 power cord since it fits in the adapter port, but rather than glow green, the indicator on the connector glows orange and it won't power on. Do I require an actual Powerbook G4 adaptor or what?