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    Macbook Diagnostic Tools?
    So I bought a macbook off ebay for $290, it worked for a few weeks then all of a sudden it wouldn't start. The power cable light lights up green, the white power light in front lights up and the fan started but the screen just flickered and no startup chime. I took it all apart down to the logic board and was convinced the logic board failed. After getting it all back together the screen stayed on for a second or two instead of just a flicker. I left on vacation and when I got back it is now working (in fact I'm writing this on it).

    So obviously I don't trust it, are there any good diagnostic tools that I can use? When I bought it off ebay it came with no install discs and its about a year out of warranty.

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    You might try contacting Apple and give them the model number of your Mac Book. Ask them about replacement for the original discs that shipped with your Mac. These are not the same as the retail OS discs.

    This will get you the OS disc that shipped with the machine rather than the current OS. I know that sounds bad but it should also contain the hardware test program for your Mac model. I have seen numerous reports that for most models the cost is quite reasonable.

    If that is not possible you might look at a program called Tech Tool Pro. It is not cheap but the Deluxe version is what is used with Applecare. In fact that may be the only way the deluxe version is available.
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    And it could well be from what you describe the MB had had a liquid spill and Tech Tool Deluxe is only available with Applecare. Worth doing a search of auction sites as the Applecare discs do come up from time to time.

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    I agree with harry. It sure sounds like you may have bought a machine that suffered from a liquid spill. The way it's acting from your description makes me believe that might be the case. Always risky buying sight unseen from eBay.

    Anyway, contact Apple as suggested by Slydude and see if you can get the original install media sent to you.


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