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    Macbook Pro Unibody A1286 Liquid damage help.
    I own a macbook pro A1286 which i got some liquid damage on however followed everything and took out battery and let it dry. Everything works except for the backlight for the LCD.

    The damage only touched the bottom of screen and some keyboard, the motherboard did get touch by the liquid.

    I can see the screen when put to a regular light, just the backlight is out.

    Has anyone ever run into this issue and know what to do? Is it possible for the backlight to be replaced?


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    First, I suggest your read our "Spills" sticky at the head of the forum.

    Liquid spills are very unpredictable as to what damage they caused and will cause in the future. As for your backlight, it's hard to predict if the backlight was damaged or the associated circuitry. Changing the backlight is a very difficult repair job. The usual recommended repair is to change the entire display assembly. Also there's a possibility it may not be the backlight.

    You might want to get some professional repair help either from an Apple store or an authorized Apple dealer. It's probably going to be an expensive repair.


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