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Thread: Buy old or new (white) Macbook?

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    Question Buy old or new (white) Macbook?

    I've decided I want to buy a Macbook and was planning to buy the white one, which sells for 999 over here (the Netherlands). But today I saw the older version (the MacBook MC207N/A 13,3") for 799.

    I'm a student (so the new Macbook would actually cost me 930 with student discount. There is no student discount on the older version because it's from a Reseller) and I would only use my laptop for the internet, programs such as Word/iPhoto/iWeb and maybe some downloading.

    Is it more sensible to spend a bit more to buy the new and improved Macbook? Or will the older version suffice?

    Thank you!

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    The older and the newer Macbook will do all those thing and more. It's really up to you.

    Keep in mind that the newer will have better resale value and will be somewhat future proof. >_>"

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