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Thread: Streaming video's loading slow?

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    Streaming video's loading slow?
    Hey guys, I have recently noticed that streaming videos such as on youtube and what not have been loading videos very slowly. I have had my MBP for about a couple of weeks now, but for the first week or so it was running great I was able to load short (30 - 60 seconds long) 1080p videos within a few short seconds and now it take a couple of minutes to load a 90 second 480p video. It is not my network speed as I took the speed test on and found my speed to be 23.56 mb/s and a ping of 18. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how have you resolved it.

    Please and Thank you!

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    I don't think this has anything to do with your computer? There's no reason for a computer to make streaming slow. Much more likely it's your ISP, your router or just the website that's not letting you stream very fast.

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    others are having same problem
    I've been having the same problem lately and am at a loss for a fix.
    I've changed nothing on my MacBook Pro but for the last couple weeks or so on YouTube, Vimeo, and similar sites the video loads very slow. Longer than the play time in most cases.

    My housemate's PC is hard lined to the cable modem and has no problem.
    A couple people in another thread were experiencing the same problem but no one had any legit advice. Don't let anyone tell you that "YouTube is sometimes slow" or "it might be your internet connection" You and I know that isn't the situation.

    It's too bad that we're having this problem but at least you know it's not just you. I think I'm gonna make an appt for the Genius Bar at the Apple Store (I think it's still free for minor check-ups and fixes). Good luck to us.

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    You guys didn't say which MacBook Pro model you have. If you have the latest 15" MBP with the dual graphics cards it has the auto switching feature that doesn't always pick the right graphics card for the job. The integrated Intel graphics isn't that great.

    When I use my old PowerBook it can hardly stream anything. The processor, graphics card, or both is too slow to handle the streaming video which isn't a problem for my current 2009 MBP. It's the same internet connection so it comes down to the performance of the computers. Flash is a resource hog on the Mac platform so you need a pretty decent performing Mac to run it well.

    If you have the newer 15" MBP then try switching full time to the faster 330M card and see if that solves your problem. If you don't have latest 15" MBP then I don't know what is causing your problem since it sounds like you guys didn't change anything major on your computer recently.

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