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    New macbook user need answers
    I have recently purchased a new macbok pro and im wondering what mouse to get. Do i need to use an apple mouse or can i use any kind of mouse. also wat r some good wireless mouses. thanks

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    You can use any USB or bluetooth mouse with your Mac. I recently purchased a Magic Mouse and am very impressed with it.

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    My iMac came with the magic mouse and after a day or so of using it, I quite like it..I end up doing some of the gestures on my MS mouse at work only to find that it doesn't work..

    But as has been stated, ANY USB mouse will work..


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    You can use just about any generic USB mouse with the Mac. I am using an old Logitech trackballs at the moment. If you have one of the fancy multi-button mice then it will usually at least be recognized as a generic mouse. If the manufacturer does not have a Mac driver there are a few third party drivers such as SteerMouse TOP
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