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    need help blue pixalation
    Hi there all i need your combined knowledge
    this is my first post so please be kind.

    i have a 17 inch mac book pro 2.33ghz about 3 years old running OSX 10.4.11
    it is on pretty much perminantly..

    I am on my third battery all replaced by apple

    currently my issue is the screen at different times has blue pixels see the pics
    cant pinpoint how it happens or when. ie batt, mains power, time mac is on for....

    the black parts of the screen have the blue pixilation

    am i screwed or is this something else??

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    Does your computer have the NVidia 8600 chip? It's been known for causing similar issues. Apple replaced those chips with extended warranty.

    I once resolved a similar issue with crewed up pixels by doing the following:
    reset PRAM: by holding down Apple + Option + P + R during boot
    Then go into system preferences and change the screen resolution to something low like 1024x. Maybe try different resolutions.
    Reboot again
    If the problem gets resolved then you can change back the resolution. This worked for a white MacBook and I'm not sure what year it was

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    that's pretty common in older electronics, especially older digital SLR displays. but i've never heard of this problem with computers coming from anything else other than a fried graphics card. i would take it to apple and see if they'll swap it for a refurbished model or just fix it. do you have apple care, because that's gonna be a pricy repair. good luck!

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