I have a 17" MBP Identifier 5,2 running OS 10.6.4 I just got a Mini Display Port - HDMI adapter today from the Apple Store. I came home and got it running no problem but I noticed that on my 42" LG LCD TV I'm using as my external, a literal 1/4" - 3/8" strip on both sides and top and bottom is missing. So I can't see my Finder/Toolbar at the top of the screen and anything that same thickness all the way around the TV. I've done a calibration but that is only for the colors and I have tried different resolutions, but that either has the same result, or looks ridiculously big at smaller resolutions and not allowing me to see the entire screen. Any help is appreciated.

**Update** - I deselected the "Overscan" box and now the screen fits all in the TV screen now but it has black space on the sides like not filling the screen.