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    Fan Control Settings
    Hello everyone, I just installed Fan Control on my Macbook Pro 15' Unibody. I was wondering what the best settings should be for the base speed, lower threshold and upper threshold.

    Also, I was wondering what it means whent my right fan is at -1 RPM.

    Please clarify this.

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    When I used to prowl these forums a lot, the general consensus was that people recommended not using any fan control program. The factory settings and the way it is setup will protect your Mac from heat just as well as any settings you think you need to change. If your Mac is overheating, it will shutdown before it lets it do any damage to itself. I use SMC Fan control just to watch the temp. -1 RPMs could mean that that fan isn't being used at that moment or is not spinning for whatever reason, but I'm not sure on that one.
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    Yes the mac is pretty smart when it comes to cooling but I am just more comfortable with it being a little cooler. Especially when it comes to gaming. It can get pretty hot if you place it on your lap b/c the aluminum draws heat from your body as well. Plus its a lot easier to replace a <50$ fan that has been overused than risking anything else in your mac melt away.

    if anyone finds the perfect safest balance for the MBP 15" unibody please post it here, I would like to know as well.

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    The -1 reading is most likely because your particular model of MBP only has one fan.
    The 13" and low end MBPs only had 1 fan.

    1 graphics chip - 1 fan (Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro with the one graphics chip)
    2 graphics chips -2 fans (most the 15" and all the 17" MBPs)

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