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    I have encountered a relatively sedrious problem with my i-tunes! Completely out of the blue, I oppenedd my i tunes and i got a message that my library was damaged and a new one was created! Now, I had about 2500 songs in my library, most from burned cd's and although the files are still in i tunes music folder they dont appear in the library and most importantly all of my playlists have dissapeared! I have tried following apple's instructions with renaming the old library and moving the new library to the desktop but to no avail!! I wonder wether any of you guys have had similar problems and wether you have any ideas of how to restore my library and playlists. It would take weeks to do that manually and many of the tracks are just numbers so I dont know if it can be done! Thanx for any ideas!! (By the way, I have had many problems since I've installed tiger, unable to upgrade software, unable to open w media player, yasu ect! Dont know if dashboard and spotlight is worth the hassle!!)

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    I can't help you with your problem but I had the Apple store install Tiger, what a nightmare.. I brought it back up there in 3 days and had them uninstall it, not worth the hassle.. I just want to know where those 200 new things are?? They called me last week to tell me I could come back up there and they will install it again from a new disk with the new updates installed.. I found this to be very nice on their part, but still hesitate because of all the problems I had..I guess it's hit and miss where Tiger is concerned, some of my friends have had no problems..Look through this site, it has many fixes, yours might be there..

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