I searched the various postings about powerbook G4 batteries, but I think I'm more confused now, so maybe someone could help me figure this out:

I have an Powerbook (aluminum I think) G4 15" that I bought in 2005. Machine Model: Powerbook5,6, CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.2), CPU: 1.67 GHz, Memory: 1.5 GB,

A few months ago, the battery-life jumped down from about 1 hour to 10 minutes.

Actually, I have 2 batteries: Battery #1 stopped working altogether and Battery #2 now only lasts for a few minutes. These are the original batteries. Battery #2 (model # A1078) only has 349 cycles. Battery #1 (model A1148) has 383 cycles.

The rest of the battery info on the system profiler reads as follows:
- For battery #2: Full Charge Capacity 62696, Remaining Capacity 60936, Amperage 0, Voltage 11643, Cycles 349
- For battery #1: Full Charge Capacity 1666, Remaining Capacity 0, Amperage 0, Voltage 4125, Cycles 383

Around the same time they stopped working I also had to replace the original AC adapter with a generic one, but it is the correct 65 watts. Maybe the adapter damaged the battery?

I also used this generic adapter on a trip to Europe, with a Europe-to-US adapter, but I was told I didn't need to use a transformer because the apple adapter takes care of the voltage conversion.

Another thing that may be relevant is that whenever the computer loses power and I restart it, the date goes back to 1969. I read in the post that this indicates that the PRAM battery is dead.

So, either my battery is old and dying after 349 cycles / 5 years, or using a generic AC adapter messed it up, or something is wrong with the PRAM or PRAM battery.

I tried buying a new apple-brand AC adapter and drained and recharged the battery with it, but it didn't help.

So what do I do?

If I end up having to buy a new battery, are there any reputable brand-name batteries that are less expensive than the apple brand? Especially since I'd like to buy 2.

Thanks for your help!