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    Hi there,

    this is a bit of a complicated one but please bear with me. any help would be appreciated.

    i recently sent my macbook away for repair, (the hard drive died) the model was a macbook A1180, mid 2007. When i got the mac back from repair something didn't look right and when looking at the back the model was an A1181, released late 2007. The keyboard layout differs on the models which confirmed that i was right when i thought i had been given a different model.

    The only thing is the serial no. of the unit i have been given matches my old serial no. from my original macbook.

    So the question is, can the repair agent transfer or create a serial no. to match my old macbook?

    i am 100% sure that this is a different model, i just need to know if this is possible so i can take it up with the repair agent and complain, as i dont want a refurbished model that isn't mine.

    if you are still awake after reading all of this and aren't as confused as i am could you please offer some words of wisdom.

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    The SN is burned into ROM which I believe is located on the logic board. I have no idea what the repair folks did to your original MacBook. If you're sure of what you wrote in your post, then I would contact the repair agent and find out exactly what it is that they did.


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