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    Using MacBook as Keyboard for Mac Mini
    Hi Everyone!

    Long time lurker...first time poster.

    I have a MacBook that I use when I am home, and I recently bought a Mac Mini 1.42ghz Power PC G4 to hook up to my TV, so I can watch Hulu, Netflix, etc.

    I want to use the keyboard and track pad of my laptop to control the Mac Mini, so I don't have to worry about using two seperate keyboards when I am using the computer and also watching TV.

    What is the best software for me to do this with?

    I have read a little about Synergy (Synergy) which seems like the only software I can find to do what I need to do. But, it says there are some bugs for the Mac version.

    Does anybody have any suggestions, for or against, Synergy or other software.


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    happy to help

    happy to help

    Why don't you use screen sharing on mac Book air, it is really easy .
    just enable the remote management from your macmini, connect from your MacBook

    (its Preinstall app in Leopard and Snow Leopard Both, its called Screen sharing )

    hope it helps

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    If you don't like Screen sharing as an option check out abyssoft - teleport. It sounds like you want to do exactly what I was doing for a couple of months. I like the fact that since both machines had their own screens it didn't clutter things up with an extra window.

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