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    Macbook won't get past Grey/blue screen, checkered pattern on startup
    Hi, i'm new here, so please forgive me if i have made a mistake by starting a new thread, but any help will be appreciated.

    I have a 5 year old original intel duo-core chip Macbook pro running the latest version of snow leopard. Within the last few weeks it started running really slow. Started of apps especially Photoshop became slower to open, and my Entourage email app kept freezing up quite a bit while writing emails. Some other apps crashed more frequently as well.

    The other night it took forever to close the apps I had open (maybe 4 of them), and then I shut my computer off. I turned the computer on the next morning and had a funny checkered (rectangle shaped and very small) pattern appear over the startup screen. The screen then went to gray and stopped there. I tried starting up my computer using the snow leopard install disc, but it didn't do anything and the disc wouldn't eject. I finally figure out how to get that out.

    I went through the apple gray screen protocol, and i got my computer started by using "safe mode" start up. The computer still started with the checkered screen, and then after sign in, opened to my desktop. So, the computer does work in safe mode.

    So, to find out whether it was a software or hardware problem i had someone i knew start up their computer from my hard drive (via ethernet cable). I started up fine and went to my desktop and no checkered patterns. The also did the reverse by trying to startup my computer with their hard drive and the patterns on my screen appeared again and wouldn't get passed my gray screen. I have to mention too that sometimes the screen advances to blue and then gets stuck there.

    The other guy mentioned it might be the motherboard, but wasn't 100% sure. I think it's funny that it works fine under "safe mode" but not through a regular start up. Could it be memory?

    Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions/similiar experiences?

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    I'm sorry to say it sounds like the GPU has crapped out; which GPU do you have?

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    I have the 2.16 Intel Duo Core

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