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    So i'm connecting my black mac to my flat screen in my room. I connect fine through mini dvi ti dvi hdmi. It looks great no problems. however the tv in my room has no hdmi, just component, green, blue, red. So i ordered a hdmi F/F coupler and this cable from amazon So i connect everything andddd. blank. the speakers make a nise when i plug and unplug it but thats it. i click detect displays in preferences and the tv makes some noise but nothing happens? whats up?

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    You can't go from HDMI to component via a cable. It won't work - period. The digital signal of the HDMI has to be converted to the proper analog signal of the component.

    There are a ton of these (what I call) scammer cables out there. I've been told that there were a couple of devices put out early on whose HDMI ports would put out analog signals, although, I've never seen one, read about one, nor has anyone ever been able to provide me with any specific device that did this.

    You can use something like this - link - or you can provide the make and model of your TV and we can perhaps make some other recommendations.

    If you have a DVI (guessing you don't) on the TV or VGA, you'll more than likely be better off going with one of those - and much cheaper.
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