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    Macbook Pro doesn't show screen after a while... ... HELP!!!
    Ok, this is what's happening... ... I have my 2010 Macbook Pro 13" hooked up through a MiniDisplay Port to DVI adapter to an external monitor, a 22" (HP w2207). My Macbook is connected to the power. I also work simultaneously with a PC connected through the VGA input on the back of the screen. This particular monitor has a feature, that I use frequently, where I can switch the screen from the DVI input and instantly see what's on my VGA input and viceversa. It's quite useful. As I work on the PC, I leave my Macbook Pro on, lid closed, as it converts my home movies onto a different format. In the meantime, I work with the PC.

    What's happening is that after, say.... 20 minutes, I switch to the DVI input from my VGA input I'm working on, and the screen says, "NO INPUT SIGNAL" and it automatically goes back to the VGA signal. The Macbook keeps working tho. It doesn't go to sleep, or anything, it stays converting and doing its thing. Why does the signal die????

    I am feeling that it is something that has to do with settings on my Mac, rather than my HP monitor. Would I be right? Is there any settings that I need to play with, so that the Macbook stays on unlimitedly, and when I switch back and forth it stays there? Any tricks or different procedures I'd need to implement that you know of?

    If it is for less than 20 minutes, I am usually able to see the screen on my Mac still, but if I switch after more than 20-25 minutes, it says, "NO INPUT SIGNAL". FRUSTRATING, to say the least... ...

    Any suggestions from all the pro's in Macforums, would be appreciated... ... Thanks a bunch... ...

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    Maybe a couple "dumb" questions to ask:

    1. Has this setup been working for you for a while...or is this a newer setup you're trying?

    2. Have you tried restarting everything? Restart your Mac, and turn off...then on the monitor?


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    I figured it out. Basically the signal goes to sleep after a little bit of time. To get the signal back-up, I have to wake the Macbook up, even if it's not really sleeping. Then I get the signal again... ...

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