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    mat****a dvd-r uj-85j firmware Revision FBZ8

    I'm having an issue about not being able to author/burn a DVD from DVDSP. I've tried different DVD's and while I try to fix the issue from that side, I've started to wonder if there may be an issue with the drive itself.
    This is what I have: mat****a dvd-r uj-85j firmware Revision FBZ8

    So, 1. has anyone had issues with this drive? and 2. Is this the latest firmware revision? If not, do you know how and where I can find the latest revision?

    Thank you!


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    You probably have the latest firmware for your drive but you can check here to make sure. Be very careful about applying a firmware upgrade to an optical drive - any optical drive. I've seen them rendered useless by a firmware upgrade that went south.


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    I tried the link you posted but its not working.

    Could you direct me to the site please?

    I have a 2006 Imac intel with Mat****a UJ-85 J - firmware FCQ5 - which for some reason has stopped working since a software update.

    Also i have a MBP mid 2007 again this has stopped writing to Dual layer discs, again after a software update.


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    This is the link URL:-

    The Firmware Page • View topic - Mat****a and Apple RPC1 firmware: a summary

    Since a software update. What software update precisely?

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    The software updates that periodically appear, when you click on the apple logo top left corner or sometimes you get a windows appearing to tell you there is an update for your machine.

    Both drives in both machines worked well a few months ago, now nothing.

    Got the firmware list , so how do you install it to the machines, unpack & install?


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