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    Jun 29, 2010
    Macbooc Pro stays at gray screen with apple logo
    My macbook pro is stuck at the booting screen with the apple logo.
    start on safe mode - stays stuck on same screen
    reset smc - nothing happened still stuck on same screen
    clear nvram - still stcuck on same screen
    single user mode - cant type anything
    verbose mode - cant type anything
    load original install disks - stuck on same screen
    hardware test - did it twice and it didnt find any problems

    do i have any other options or do i have to take it to the apple store
    i dont have aple care

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    Try zapping the PRAM by rebooting and holding down Option, Command (one with the Apple icon) P and R keys all at the same time immediately after the chimes. Keep held down until after the third chime.

    Other than this have you got a spare hard drive you can install?

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    Jun 29, 2010
    Yes I've tried zapping the pram my computer just went to the same screen after the third chime. No i dont have a spare hd

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