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    Unhappy MacBook pro 13" display's protector glass broken
    I bought a macbook pro 13" 6 months ago and accidentally my friend pressed the closed laptop and to my luck the display is'n broken but the protector glass in front of it is cracked.The apple stores service say that whole dispalay has to be changed costing 780$ and even the cost varies from store to store even .. Can the glass alone can be changed? or can i get it changed in grey market with lower cost? pleas help me...

    Evry othr things are perfectly working.

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    I'm a Mac noobie, but from past experiences with laptops, my guess is that the whole screen will need to be replaced, maybe even the entire lid in some cases. Maybe the Macbooks are different (hope so!) and I'm sure someone around here will know for sure.

    Good luck!!

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    Macbook glass screen repair
    You don't have to replace the display and, if you are brave, you can do the repair your self. I'm trying to decide if I'm that brave. or can do the job for about $250 which includes shipping. will show you how to do it. It involves a heat gun and I'm afraid of melting stuff. I have the same problem. Everything works fine, including the lcd but the glass is cracked. If you do it your self, good luck. I think I'm better off sending it in as it is guaranteed.


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