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    Unhappy Another Stange non-booting mac...
    Yes, It's another macbook that won't start. I've Google'd and Google'd, and nothing has worked, and this is such a unique case.

    Two weeks ago I had my baby (Macbook White 13" late 2008) on the plane with me. I had finished my drink, and was waiting for the attendant to come collect the cup. It tipped, but it was merely ice! There was none of the beverage left. But when the ice hit the left side of the computer, of course I immediately wiped off any excess. I also blew out the jacks, just in case. The battery was completely dead at the time, so I did not attempt to start it up... I couldn't imagine any water damage from the two or so drops of water on the topcase!

    Took it home, plugged it in, wouldn't start. I figured maybe the battery was just too far gone to boot then, so I let it charge overnight (I know, I know, BAD. I didn't know any better).

    Still didn't start the next day, and the battery had stopped charging, but was only at 2 led's. I pulled the battery, pulled the plug, then reassembled, and the battery started charging and went to full. Odd.

    I took it into the Apple Genuis Bar, but it isn't under warranty, so they just wanted to replace the logic board and cost a bloody fortune. No thanks. They also said the WAS visible water damage, but I fessed up shortly after they started looking at it... maybe a bad idea, maybe not. Just a note, he noted that when battery was out but cord was plugged, the green light flickered.... but after a day or so it stopped and hasn't flickered since.

    Took it home, opened it up, let it air dry for a couple of days. Nothing. Took it to a more knowledged techie friend, and he said he wasn't completely sure of the cause (he's not Apple-certified or trained, he's more into PC's) but perhaps the power supply was damaged (a.k.a. the DC In-board). He also lifted everything out just incase there was water underneath the logic board or something.

    Got it home, put in a new DC In-board, tried to boot, nothing. BUT. Here's where the weird part comes in. When the battery died on the plane, of course it went into an un-wakeable sleep mode. The little light stopped pulsing after the ice incident so I assumed either it was there too long and the battery COMPLETELY died, or something shorted. Well, after the repair I left the battery in (some small voice in my head said "what if you shorted the board by touching it? Perhaps a little power will help) because I figured I've done enough damage, what the heck? Sure enough, a couple of hours go by, and I notice the sleep light pulsing. I open the clamshell, and it's exactly where I left it on the plane. I was so siked! Did a couple of things, but the Heatsync is bad, so occasionally it overheats and shuts down - and it happened. It overheated and went thunk! Off. No biggie, it happens occasionally. But I go to power up....... nothing.


    Now what? Could I have damaged this new dc in-board? is it not even related to that?

    Thanks for reading all that you guys! Please let me know ANY ideas, I fly out tomorrow morning and I'd love to bring more than a big paperweight along!

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    Long post - short reply. Damage from water (even a little bit of ice) is unpredictable. It does sound like there is other water caused damage. Salvage what you can, and if you can do the repairs yourself, (or a friend) that's what I would do.


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