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    Using Target Disk Mode with Linux-based system as host computer?
    Hey all,

    So I've exhausted just about every method of getting Tiger OSX back onto my MacBook. The DVD drive is busted, so I can't install from the originals, and my Mac-equipped friends refuse to let me use their systems to install via Target Disk Mode. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 at the moment on it because that's the only OS I'm familiar with that works.

    Rather than face what will probably be a costly repair, I'm wondering if I can run Target Disk Mode using a Ubuntu 10.04-equipped desktop as the host computer to install OSX? It has a Firewire 1394 port. If so, how would I go about it?

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    Target mode only works using OS X via FW to FW. Ubuntu Linux is a great OS but there are hardware things it was never meant to do.

    Dig in your wallet and buy an external DVD drive with a FW port. I bought a spare external DVD drive (USB only) on sale from Amazon for $42.00 and free shipping. One with a FW port is probably going to run around $65 to $75 from Amazon or Tiger Direct. Anyway, that's your best bet to get Tiger installed unless you can convince one of your buddies to lend you his Mac.


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    Shucks. Well thanks, I'll look into it!

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