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    New Battery - New Power Cord - No Power
    Within the past two weeks, I bought a new battery for my 2 year old Macbook Pro after my previous battery had bit the dust. Days after installing the new battery, the power cord then failed to work. I brought my laptop to Apple, they tested a new power cord on my laptop, and the power worked; thus, I purchased the brand new power cord. Now, days later, the power stopped working again. No light - no charge, nothing.

    Obviously, I need to assume that there is something not functioning internally now. Before I bring it to Apple, I figured I'd post here in case of any resolutions.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Could possibly be a defective DC input board. This is approximately what it looks like depending on the model MBP you have.

    However, it could also be related to other defects, such as the logic board itself although you should get lights if that were the case.

    Let us know.


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