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    Sep 27, 2009
    Flashing box top left corner
    Hi all,

    there was a flashing box (looked like it was downloading something) on my top left corner for the past hour. i updated and restarted my computer and SO FAR i haven't seen it, but it flashed for a quick second every minute or so. anyone have any idea what it could have been?


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    Jun 24, 2011
    Me too ! Anyone know what this is?
    i set up screen capture "Instant shot" to grab every .05 seconds but it doesn't show up on the jpg's.

    Weird.. so fast.. like a 2 inch box flashes just under the apple in top left. Looks like it's as if i was about to download a .pdf or something.. can't read it.. so fast.

    I have Firefox running, using the "Reload every" add on for some open pages... maybe related..also entourage, acro pro 8, word, excel etc.. restarted,.. still there..

    anyone else see this? Is it a hack? I guess i should go off wireless and see if it stops..

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    Jun 24, 2011
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    the box that flashes every minute or few minutes is actually my 'show progress' send and receive box from the email program (I use Entourage). It flashes so **** fast you can't tell that though. I set a camera up and had to capture it (screen) every 0.02 seconds to see it.. flashes so fast.

    but it is not a virus - or hack - good news.

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