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Thread: My MacBook Pro is dead and there is a CD i can not get out

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    Exclamation My MacBook Pro is dead and there is a CD i can not get out
    Stupid me forgot to shut down my mac before going somewhere so the computer ran and when i took it out to recharge it it was dead and it was burning up. I thought that maybe it just needed to have full battery, but no that didn't work. I tried turning it on but it does not. All the flashes/blinks it the button you press to open the macbook.
    I have tried everything to get this CD out, i have tried starting it up but alas it does not. I have also tried holding down the buttons/trackpad when it tries to start up. I have tried to do the credit card trick but i think i might be doing that wrong. Please if you have any idea how to get a CD out of a dead Mac Book Pro without taking the computer apart i would really appreciate it. The CD that is stuck is the sims 3 and i know the game isn't that important it's just it's my friends and i don't want to have to tell them the bad news. So please if you have any idea how to get it out manually i would very much appreciate it!

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    Kind of a "catch 22" here. You need to get that CD out in order to run tests on your MBP with your original install media. Do a Google search for the credit card trick - I've watched several videos on You Tube that shows how it's done.

    There are also videos that show how to do it using various other methods. The bottom line is you need to remove that CD in order to do any kind of trouble shooting on your MBP. Otherwise you'll be forced to take it on in to Apple and pay them to disassemble the machine to remove the disk.

    If you're not successful and want to try to disassemble the machine yourself, post back and I'll direct you to where you can follow a step by step procedure.


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    This could be a battery problem, I would buy a new battery

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