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    Exclamation MacBook pro serious problem won't start up
    Hello serious problem here with my MacBook pro if there are any experts or people in the know I would appreciate some advice.

    I recently connected the MacBook pro to a new samnsung touch screen monitor via dvi to hdmi, everything seemed to be working fine until I shut down and then tried to restart the next day.

    Now the MacBook won't start up, not even getting a gray or blue screen. The power and fans just seem to run for a few seconds then it cuts out dead. If I long hold the power button it seems to run a bit longer but then fizzles out.

    I have tried disconnecting all peripherals, disconnecting power, removing battery, long hold shut down in attempt to reset pram, even changed memory and reinstalled it but still the same problem

    If anyone has experience of this problem or has any suggestions of some kind of internal reset button I would really appreciate it thanks.

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    It would help if you gave the year and model of your MBP. Is the machine still under warranty or Apple care? If it is, make an appointment with the genius bar at your local Apple store and have them look at it. I suspect you have a hardware problem and it sounds like it may be serious.


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    thanks for the response - I have a feeling the hard drive is gone.

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    Try booting it from the recover DVD that shipped with it and do a disk check with disk utility

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    macbook problem
    Same thing happened to mine two months after the warranty ran out. Applecare wanted 100. just to diagnose the problem. I leaned after this that right before warranty runs out, take it to applecare so they can check it out. Mine was the video card and it was not worth fixing. My computer was working fine. Got a message to shut down and then restart. machine never started again...only the ding sound of it turning on and then the fan and nothing on the screen. I was so unhappy that this happened after 3 years and two months. sorry for you. This must be a problem they plan on.

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