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    Can someone who entered code on my MacBook access it remotely?
    hi, I am pretty new to mac and I have a big problem: Someone I cannot trust had access to my MacBook and I saw him entering code in whatever is the mac equivalent to dos, I guess. He said he needed to see my IP address so I could get on their network, because I can only get on if he adds my computer. It seems fishy to me but either way, the guy is way good with computers, but I have good reasons to mistrust him. I obviously have my Firewall on and opted out of all file sharing. I also installed Little Snitch, but there are some files I am not sure whether they should be there, especially "Mount_nfs". Should that file have access? Would a system restore set eliminate a change? Would just cleaning the whole computer and starting over solve the problem?
    I'd be really thankful if someone could tell me what I can do?


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    Why would you allow someone you do not trust access to your computer?

    It is possible he was getting your network card's hardware address (Mac Address) to allow access to the network. I almost always use this on wireless networks with other security measures.

    he would have written down a number that looks about like 0d:3a:93:7a:d7:5c

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    Change your password.

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    This explains what a 'mount-nfs' file can do.

    Go into your network settings and change the password as suggested, using something strong with say eight digits and a mixture of letters and numbers selected at random. Also check out if anything has been installed as suggested in Startup Items.

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