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    Sep 21, 2009
    new top case
    I finally had the time and extra money to purchase a new top case and keyboard assembly for a macbook pro model A1211 (2.33 GHz). I installed the keyboard assembly onto the top case and the top case onto the bottom case. I also installed (1) RAM Chip and battery. I tried to start the macbook but I nothing happened (no lights, no fan spinning, no hard drive working, nothing...). Also, I only installed the 2 torx screws underneath holding the bottom case to the top case and without memory cover (I don't have any of the other screws or cover right now).

    Some background... I was given this macbook without top case or keyboard because my friend was going to throw it away after he tried to removed the hard drive and ended up destroying the keyboard and top case in the process (throwing it away before giving it to me). I purchased the correct top case (922-7909) and keyboard (922-7908) to try to have a functional macbook pro.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    give this a try. remove the power adapter and the battery from you computer. while the computer has no power press and hold on the power button for 10sec. put power back to the computer and try to start it. if it still doesn't start then try to pull the ram stick that you installed and try again.

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    I just tried removing the power cord, battery, RAM and pressing the power button for 10 seconds and put it back together again... and it didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion. Any other ideas?

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