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    Angry Battery Saying Its Charging, But It's Not!
    Please see the attached snapshot from CoconutBattery.

    I am running an IBook G4. The battery status shows 0%, and this number is not changing, even though the charger is connected, and it appears that there is still a lot of life left on this battery according to CoconutBattery.

    I have already attempted resetting the PMU. I have already in the past had the DC in board replaced, (along with the logic board). Anyhow, that was about a year ago and I have not had any problems since then. This new battery issue just began yesterday.

    Appreciate your advice!

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    If possible, try a different charger or wall outlet. As you mentioned, the battery looks fine.

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    Although the battery looks OK, I have seen situations where a short in the battery prevents it from being charged. The best way to tell is to get another battery and swap it to see if the problem persists. 9 times out of 10 it is a short in the battery. This can happen whether or not the battery has reached the end of its cycle count.
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